How to Install Red Hat RHEL 7 OS in our Computer?

How to Install Red Hat RHEL 7 OS in our Computer?

Red hat has recently released RHEL7 OS. a number of the Changes in RHEL7 are listed below as compare with RHEL 6 .

  1. Default root file system is XFS
  2. Linux 3.10 kernel.
  3. A new systemctl command replaces chkconfig and service, although scripts allow you to still use the legacy commands.
  4. Docker: The biggest new addition to RHEL 7 is tight integration of Docker, the explosively popular application-virtualization technology.
  5. Boot-loader GRUB2
  6. Samba 4.1 and BTRFS makes an appearance

In this article we will go through the installation steps of RHEL 7, we will be installing using DVD or ISO file .

Step 1 : Download the Binary DVD ISO File

Only the registerd users & who have the subscription on redhat portal can download the iso file of RHEL7.

Use the link ” Download RHEL7 Binary Dvd ISO file” Once you have download the ISO file , Burn the ISO file to DVD media or create bootable USB media as per requirement.

Step 2 : Boot the system from the bootable disk and select “Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0”  :

Click on Continue

Step 3: Select the language that will be used during installation


Click on Continue…

Step 4: Set Customize installation options:


  • Adjust Date & Time, Keyboard, and Language Support preferences under Localization.
  • Modify Installation Source, Software Selection, and Network Configuration  options   under Software.
  • Under System : I have created customize partition table by clicking on the Installation Destination , preview of my customize partition table shown below :

Now Finally click on “Begin InstallationStep-By-Step-Installation-of-Red-Hat-Enterprise-Linux-7-step-4

Step 5: Set the root password & Create a system user


As we can see above installation has started. Once the installation is completed it will ask fro reboot.

Step 6: Reboot the Machine , after installation is completed :


click on Reboot

Step 7: Console after OS Installation


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