More Than 300 Billion Hours Spent Inside Android Apps

More Than 300 Billion Hours Spent Inside Android Apps

There is a new report popping out showing that over 300 billion hours were spent inside of Android apps during Quarter 3 of 2017. That is pretty impressive and is showing just how often people are inside of their Android apps. There are some new comparisons in this report for both iOS and Android as well. If you have an Android device, read on to learn more about this new report showing hours spent inside of Android apps.

More Than 300 Billion Hours Spent Inside Android Apps

A new record has been set for app usage with the new report that says people have spent over 325 billion hours inside of Android apps. This includes both downloads and usage and is for Quarter 3 in 2017, which is pretty impressive. Both Southeast Asia and India have really been enamored with Android and Google Play Store. It is because of these countries that the record in Q3 was set for hours inside of Android apps. There are a ton of developing countries right now just getting access to mobile phones, which is a pretty amazing thing if you stop and think about it. The more people are given access to this technology, the more hours people will be spending downloading and using apps.

The new report shows that in three months, people have spent nearly 325 billion hours using Android apps. That is about a 40 percent increase compared to last year in Quarter 3, which is pretty significant in terms of an increase. When you look at both iOS and Android, there were over 26 billion downloads, and that is up 8 percent from the previous year. It is important to note that this is all new installs and does not account for any updates in apps or re installs of apps. So these are all fresh app installs and that makes the over 300 billion hours even more of an amazing feat. Even in-app purchases are getting to be in the billions, which was also shown in this report.

Nearly $17 Billion Spent on In-App Purchases

When it comes to the in-app purchases, the report also showed people are spending billions. In the 2017 Quarter 3 report, it showed almost $17 billion was spent on in-app purchases. That is huge considering in a year there was about a 28 percent increase compared to last year. Android users only spent about half as much on in-app purchases as iOS users though, according to the statistics in the report. That was even considering the fact that Google Play Store ended up with more downloads overall than Apple’s App Store. Clearly, Android users are not as focused on in-app purchases as the iOS users.

Since more markets overseas are getting mobile devices, we do not expect these numbers to trend downward anytime soon. Both in-app purchases and overall downloads are expected to continue to rise on Android in the coming months. That is especially true since a lot of markets in India and other countries are focused on lower-end Android devices. It should help Android stay on top of the markets and stay the most popular operating system worldwide.

This could also be way the in-app purchases are lower on Android than iOS, since a lot of developing countries do not have money to spend on these in-app purchases. Interestingly enough, in 2021 it is expected that worldwide downloads will be about 240 billion. This number includes both iOS and Android and an expected in-app purchasing amount of $100 billion was also in the forecast for 2021. We hopefully are going to continue to see these developing countries increase their usage of mobile devices, which should be very entertaining to watch in the next few years.