Know Everything about RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) Training and Certification Ex200v9

RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) is a certification offered by Red Hat to its RHEL users. Those who successfully complete the training and certification course earn a Red Hat Certified System Administrator badge.

Know Everything about RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator)  Training and Certification Ex200v9

Since many Linux users use RHEL as their primary server platform, these courses are more popular than ever. However, it's important to understand that RHCSA training is not easy to complete.
RHCSA courses cover multiple topics and require a significant amount of time and effort. The course materials cover system architecture, networking, storage, maintenance, backup, security and more. These courses are best completed on a Linux server platform since that's where all the training takes place. Candidates must also have access to at least one Red Hat Enterprise Linux server for practice. Each module requires weeks or months of study before completing the certification exam. Passing the exam requires additional time spent studying the official training materials. All of this work will net you a reliable, stable Linux system administrator.
In contrast, becoming a competent Linux administrator isn't hard- core difficult. You only need basic computer literacy skills and access to an internet connection. Most Linux users become competent after completing a crashcourse in the basics of the operating system. This includes learning how to use the file manager and other basic system commands. Subsequently, you can study any modules you want and practice administering your chosen server platform. Completing all of this work gets you up to speed so that you're ready to take the RHEL certification exam.
There are multiple avenues for acquiring RHELs Credentials Associate (RHCSA). First, you can complete an intensive classroom training course at your local RHEL partner location or online training portal. This is an 8-week course with 3 weeks dedicated to each module in the curriculum. After completing this course, you'll be ready to take the onsite exam at your chosen training center. Training centers are often located at universities or colleges with highly-qualified instructors and equipment for practicing on real machines. The exam itself is multiple choice with over 100 questions covering all aspects of system administration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.
A successful RHCSA candidate has significant work ahead of them before gaining certifications privileges. However, completing RHCSA training is highly recommended if you use RHEL as your primary server platform. It will make you more productive as an administrator and help you troubleshoot common Linux errors in a safe environment. Anyone can become a competent Linux system administrator with enough dedication and study time!

Real Exam Format and Information

  • Exam Name : Red Hat Certified System Administrator ( RHCSA)
  • Exam Duration : 240 Minutes
  • Number of Questions : 12-15
  • Exam Fee : varies country to country (16500 + 18% GST for India)
  • Validity : 3 years
  • Exam Code : EX200v9
  • Exam Format : Lab based
  • Passing Score : 70%
  • Eligibility/Pre-Requisite : None
  • Exam Languages : English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

RHCSA EX200 ( Red Hat Certified System Administrator ) Benefits & Job

Linux certified professionals are in great demand globally due to their versatility and rigidity to any technology. And Linux being such a vast content consisting of various learning paths, it's critical for individuals to upskill and grow in their careers. The Linux certification credentials are actually popular in the demand, and some of the major companies offer Linux training that's in line with their supporting solutions and services offered. Let’s take a look at Linux- certified professionals ’ hires from around the world.

United States

USD 98,000 to USD 186,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 45,000 to 110,000


Rupees 8 lakhs to 22 lakhs 


AUD 90,000 to 136,000 


AED 150,000 to 566,000


SGD 70,000 to 96,000

 There's increasing adoption of open- source technologies in enterprises globally. Linux- based tools and results are helping enterprises to achieve a faster digital transformation and also to produce newer products and services with advanced potential. Hence, there's a lot of demand for Linux- certified professionals. Companies that are actively hiring Linux- certified professionals include Planned Systems International, HOSTCOPPER, Navient, Teramind, EAIvision, Skyworks, Infosys, Healthedge, TCS, Cognito, EAB, and multiple more.
You can as well check your original job listings to find various Linux- related jobs to find a applicable opportunity.

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